[ Matt A. Cade
"Cade's a director to keep an eye on, that's for damn sure. He's got a very strange sensibility that I'm sure could deliver some great headfuck horror down the road..." DreadCentral.com

Born in the small town of Alliance, Ohio and transplanted to the mighty state of Texas soon after, Matthew Alan Cade began writing/producing/directing films in the 6th grade. His first stab at feature filmmaking was the black & white opus Smoke Some Kill which showcased cannibalistic clones, flamboyant gang-bangers, and unhealthy doses of crimson blood and gold teeth. Next up was a romantic tragedy that evolved into a romantic comedy and ended up a peculiar, exceedingly entertaining fusion of several genres. Graduation Day traveled the country as part of the first nationwide film festival (winning the initial Audience Award) but, alas, a "raunchy relationship film with no name actors" and an admittedly bizarre Children of the Corn inspired subplot did not make Hollywood's mouth water. Cade's latest feature, Underbelly, has received positive early reviews (1,2,3,4) and is currently available on DVD via Amazon and other retailers.